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This site:   This is my first attempt at building a web site.  It was authored using an old (2000) copy of Microsoft Front Page.   I have tried to make it read reasonably well in Internet Explorer and Firefox at 800 X 600 and higher but have not tried it in Netscape, Opera or Safari. (if you are using one of the latter and encounter problems, let me know and I'll see if I can fix it)  Front Page has all of the usual Microsoft attributes of flexibility, user-friendliness and good documentation and, as a result of those properties and my own inexperience, graphics, headings and arrangments are not always as I would like.  I'm planning on upgrading my software at some point and trying to iron out some of the design but, for the moment, that is going to take a back seat to the addition of content. (If a heading that appears to be a link that doesn't work, it probably means that I have yet to put anything behind it) 

Comments, suggestions and advice always welcome!


Me: I'm a (mostly) retired scientist type, having spent 50 years in teaching and research at the university level and in the pharmaceutical and medical diagnostics businesses.  I started model building with my father when I was 5 and have never stopped.  Along the way, I wandered into woodworking, high fidelity audio, photography, 1:1 auto racing and sailing.  Most of my "hobby time" is now devoted to slots with a strong inclination to build rather than buy and a decided preference for the older iron - when one could divine a car's national origin by color and all the decoration consisted of racing numbers!


Thanks for stopping by - I hope you enjoy your visit.


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