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This section is simply a collection of the sites that I visit or use on a regular basis.  It is not intended to be an exhaustive compilation.  This inclusion or absence of a site does not imply any value judgement nor do the comments reflect anything beyond my personal observations. This applies, in particular, to the "supplies" section.  I am certain that there are many sources that offer the same items - these are simply the ones that I use because I can find what I need and am familiar with the sites and product ranges.


Forums and Discussion Sites:

Slot Forum A European based forum with world-wide participation covering a wide range of subjects, weighted towards 1/32 scale racing - a particulary good "scratch building" section.
Slot Car Illustrated U.S. based but also international in participation - unique "manufacturer specific" boards and coverage of 1/32, commercial track and high performance 1/24 racing
Slot Blog A wide-open discussion site with a lot of participation from "survivors" of the 60's and 70's era of commercial track racing
IHSR The site for my local group - more about it here.


Slot Car Parts and Supplies: (this side of the pond first - the exchange rate y'know)

Professor Motor Good source of wheels (BWA & Slot-It), tires (some Ortmanns and silicones), motors and Slot-it and TSRF spares etc.
132Slotcar.US This is my source for RTR cars and parts - particulary new items from the major RTR players
Electric Dreams Founded by Philippe de Lespinay (aka Dokk P) this is my first choice for boutique products, particulary resin bodies and limited production models. - also a wide range of original and repro parts for vintage stuff.
BWA The home of BWA wheels, inserts and chassis parts and other stuff for the scratch builder
NCP Hobbies This is where I go for metal gears (Sonic, JK etc) - others may have them but here they are listed in easy click-to-order format
Pendle U.K based full range shop with a very good list of resin bodies and parts as well as some exclusive scratch-building components
AB Slotsport A U.K high performance/scratch builders supplier - bodies, chassis and chassis parts, gears and their own range of wheels and tires as well as a wide range of controllers
RS Slot Racing The source for the entire range of Ortmann tires
Tertre Rouge Resin bodies and parts for historical racers


General Suppliers and other sites:

McMaster-Carr A tradional mill supply shop with an unblelievable on-line catalog of tools, tooling, fasteners, materials and sundries - not the cheapest guys in town but they have it in stock and get it to you fast (at least in the US)
Micro-Mark Hobby tools, supplies and materials
Little Machine Shop Parts and accessories for bench-top machine tools
CNC Zone A very interesting site covering a broad range of topics related to CNC machining
DP Review My favorite site for reviews and information on digital photography